Mar 5, 2010

How To Create a Facebook Business Page

You can quickly and easily create a FREE Facebook Page for your business. The process requires no HTML knowledge or other website development skills and within an hour you can have a presence on the most popular and powerful social media website in the world.

This presence will help increase exposure/awareness, enhance your corporate branding, and, most importantly, a Facebook biz page will create a "community of customers" that like your products/services and enjoy doing business with you.

"Fans" of your business become a priceless recommendation of your business, and due to the nature of social networking websites like Facebook (growing FAST: NOV 2010 = over 500 million users), this "two thumbs up vote" grows exponentially over time.

IMPORTANT: there are several different types of Facebook pages. Personal Profiles, Community Pages, Group Pages and Business Pages. Once you have a Personal Profile, make sure you create a BUSINESS page. "Friends" are for your personal account. You want "fans" to "like" your business. There are a number of other advantages and reasons why it's important that you start with the correct type of Facebook page.

Here is a link to get started:

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