Nov 29, 2016

Is Your Website "Mobile Friendly"? (link to FREE Google TEST)

We've done a LOT of work this year for clients, old and new, creating "mobile websites". All websites designed and developed by Cole WebMarketing function and display well on any device, but true MobiSites are those developed specifically for the small screen size of a smartphone or tablet - scaled down versions (in regard to the amount of content/details/size) of the standard "desktop version" of a website.
They're ideal for someone on their phone or tablet that's seeking just basic information - a quick snapshot overview of a company or their products/services - or if a prospect or customer just needs a phone number, address or to send a general inquiry email.

Is your site 'Mobile Friendly"? TEST your website here:
A few Cole WebMarketing examples - to check out on your phone or tablet - include:
http://www.OmnAviaInteriors.comhttp://www.CPSwitchgear.com and of course....
To learn more about modern mobile websites and to discuss options to make your website mobile friendly, please call Cole WebMarketing at 704-456-WEB1 (9321).