Dec 31, 2013

VIDEO FOR WEBSITES: What Are "InfoTainment" Video Clips and Why Should I care?

InfoTainment = informational + entertaining

Yup, I'll admit it - have a flashlight fetish. Just ask my wife...I own a LOT of Flashlights and some of my favorites are NEBO Flashlights.  I love 'em.  Super bright, high quality, lightweight and affordable (for the average guy like me).  This past weekend, I bought another (The Larry Pocket Work Light) at a Mast General Store (awesome stores in the Smokey Mountain area!).  I wanted to learn more about my new NEBO light and also needed to identify another that I own. 

I Googled "nebo tactical light". Side Note: putting your search query inside quotes tells a search engine you want all words together to show up in the results page...not a page for tactical and another one for light, etc.). 

In the TOP 10 -- on Page 1 Google's SERP (search engine results page) I found a link to the BEBO Tools website.  One click on Innovative Lighting, and I was immediately presented with this GREAT example of an InfoTainment Video.  

YES, there is the typical website page content we all expect (descriptive text, photos, specs, features, etc.) but there is also.... this excellent video. 

This website video follows many of the "best practices" regarding infotainment video, such as:
  • short in duration (under 4 minutes)
  • starts off with company name/logo
  • plain simple flat finish neutral backdrop
  • quick intro to product
  • humorous - it's a B2C (Business to Consumer) so a higher level of funny is more appropriate than for a B2B vide
  • within 35 seconds it gets into features
  • video focuses on the BENEFITS of the features, not just the features themselves
  • highlights what makes it different and better than similar products
  • voice - clear narration not buried in the audio mix
  • background - instrumental, either original or uncommon, and lively/uptempo/happy but not distracting
  • ends with a cal to action - go to our website to learn more, order, etc.

NEBO also put this vid clip on the NEBO YouTube Channel. Side Note: every company should have their own YouTube Channel! Check it's a LINK:

Many websites feature long and or boring videos. It was common in the past to put videos online of the company president talking about how great their company is and....blah blah yada yada.  Nobody cares about you or your company until they get answers to what EVERY 1st TIME WEBSITE VISITOR NEEDS! Those questions are: does this website provide the information/products/services I need AND what do I click on the find it fast. I encourage all website owners to begin the process now of replacing their outdated comprehensive "about us" video with InfoTainment videos - or at least multiple single-themed product/services video clips.

Cole WebMarketing offers to all their website clients VIDEO SERVICES.  Some options include: video planning session with client (discuss goals, target market, tactics, content plus options for production style, background music, narration and more), on-site video shoot with professional equipment  (our best camera shown at right, but we often use up to 3 other video cameras to get multiple versions with different framing, resolution, settings, audio, etc.), video production (review of all footage, cutting then trimming, splicing, adding effects and sequence transitions), audio production - enhancing audio from video shoot, and/or adding post-production narration (client provided or we can do in-house at our studio and adding original or uncommon background music), embedding - into client's website and adding to their YouTube Channel, offline version (we can burn your video onto CD/DVD for use at tradeshows, sales presentations, etc.) plus promotion - online press release, email marketing campaign, etc.).

To learn more about the Website Video Services offered by Cole WebMarketing, please visit and then call us at 704-456-WEB1 (9321).

Cole WebMarketing is a Charlotte, NC based corporation, has been helping small-medium sized businesses manage their web presence since 1999.  Primary services include: website design, website developement, website maintenance, social media marketing consulting, on-site/off-site website photograph & website video filming/production, plus other internet marketing related services. 

Aug 18, 2013

Foursquare: What Is It and How Can It Help Grow Your Business

Social Media Marketing is evolving and expanding daily, and it's not just all about Facebook anymore. 

I'm not knocking Facebook; but it's not the only game in town.  Although Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channels seem to get the lion's share of the "buzz" and media coverage regarding Social Media Marketing for Business, there are many other FREE opportunities out there that can help ANY business... 

  1. attract new customers
  2. keep current customers
  3. bring back old customers. 

FOURSQUARE is the topic of this post, and it will provide answers to a few key questions, that if you own a business, you SHOULD be asking. Such as... 

What Is Foursquare?  

Why Should I Use Foursquare? 

How Can I Use Foursquare? 

How Does My Target Market Use It?


The following section of this Blog Post is from the Foursquare website (AUG 2013) -
Foursquare for Biz.
 The links below will take you directly to the Foursquare website, where you can start to take advantage of the many FREE business promotional opportunities they offer.

FOURSQUARE: We know your business is all about your customers, so we created FREE tools to help deliver more of them to you. Click Here To Sign Up so that you can...

Take Control of Your Listing
  • Foursquare has millions of business BUSINESS LISTINGS, all submitted by customers who go to those places. Your business is probably on Foursquare! Sign up to CLAIM YOUR LISTING and make sure it's accurate and complete.
Engage Your Customers Monitor Foot Traffic
  • Our free analytics tell you about customers checking in to your business – see who they are, when they come, how much they're talking about you across other social networks, and more.
Don't have a Physical Location - office or store?
  • Click here to learn about our FREE brand tools for publishers, musicians, sports leagues, and more.
First Things First: Visit and search to see If your business is listed. If it's not listed, you'll be able to add it when you get started.


  • Over 100 million people can find your business through Foursquare and our partners.
  • Potential customers see your listing when they search for places to go – they can look at photos and tips people leave, call you directly from our app, or look up your address so that they can stop by.
What to Add to your Foursquare Listing:
  • Your listing includes basic information like your company name, address and phone number, but you should make sure it’s accurate. Plus, you should add: a keyword rich, concise business description, Hours of operation, a Link to your Website, Social Media Links (Facebook, Twitter) and other information your target market should know.
Engage Customers
Use Foursquare Local Updates to share news, events, or featured items at your business with customers when they are nearby.

How It Works

People who have checked in or look at your business page will see local updates you post to Foursquare – there's no need for customers to subscribe, you already have a built in audience. 
You can create and post updates easily, anytime. Your customers will see your updates on their phone, along with anyone who views your business listing.

What to Say

Updates can be anything you want to tell your customers. Tell them about: a new product or service, a current sale, discount or other promotion, general announcements (company or industry news), upcoming events (such as a Trade Show) and more.
You can also use Foursquare to extend in-store messaging, or as another channel for your current promotional efforts. 
Reward Customers 
Offer Foursquare Specials to attract new customers or reward loyal ones by giving them an incentive to visit your business.

What to Offer
Try one of these specials (they typically work well):
  • Offer a small gift – "free hot chocolate on your third check-in"
  • Provide a discount – "save 25% on comedy tickets when you check in"
  • Give VIP treatment – "check in to get a free upgrade to the front row"
  • Run a contest – "tweet your check-in to be entered into an iPod raffle"
Tip: Once you create specials online, you can see how they're performing and turn them on or off from our Foursquare for Business app. 

Make sure to let people know you have a special!

Place a sign in your window or near your register to promote your special. Make your own, or CLICK HERE to Download Stock Special that we've created. 
Monitor Foot TrafficUse our Free Analytics to learn more about the customers coming through your door.
How It Works
Here are some ways you can learn more about your customers using our analytics:
    • Measure your success. See how many check-ins you're getting each week, and how many of those are being shared on Facebook and Twitter. 
    • Meet your best customers. Find out who the mayor of your business is (the person who visits the most!), and learn more about your other top visitors.
    • Follow your activity. Each week, we'll send you an email that includes key stats, along with any recent tips and photos that people have left at your business.
When customers check in at your business, they're sharing that experience with their friends (and with Foursquare). When you claim your business, you gain access to customers stats based on this check-in data. This means you can see who's coming in for the first time, and how often they're coming back. 
5 Steps to Success on Foursquare
  1. Get Started.  Start by signing up – you will create a personal Foursquare account, connect it to your business location, and verify that the business is yours.
  2. Update your listing. Make sure your business information is accurate. Add a description, your hours, and links to your website, Twitter, and Facebook profiles.
  3. Tell customers you're on Foursquare. Put up a window cling to remind customers to check in. Also, feel free to use our graphics for any of your signage.
  4. Drive foot traffic. Post updates, offer specials, and add events to let customers know what’s happening to entice them to drop by.
  5. Stay up to date. Read tips customers leave at your business and check your analytics to keep track of your customers.

Mobile Marketing: Foursquare takes advantage of what is called "Near Field Marketing".  An example would be if a female teenager walks into a shopping mall, the digital kiosk billboard just inside the mall entrance might display Ads for youth clothing stores or music stores.  If a 50+year old male walks into the same mall, the same billboard might display Ads for the golf store (or hearing aid store!) inside the mall. The targeting is amazing technology - like a sniper rifle vs a shotgun!  

Get The App! You AND your customers can download the FREE Foursquare App - visit the iTunes Store or Google Play to install to your smartphone. says: Discover & Share Great Places with your Friends. Over 30 million people use Foursquare to make the most of where they are. Discover and learn about great places nearby, search for what you’re craving, and get deals and tips along the way. Best of all, Foursquare is personalized. With every check-in, we get even better at recommending places for you to try.

SIDE NOTE: Another aspect of Near Field Marketing, that's currently in development, or possible already in use by now, are kiosk billboards that use cameras for facial & body recognition to determine age, sex, size, ethnicity, etc. and then - they serve up targeted promotions based on the particular person viewing the screen.

Want More From Foursquare? You can also pay to advertise on Foursquare.
With Foursquare, you don't pay for visits or clicks or just eyeballs...
you pay only when they visit your business!  Click here to learn more

Cole WebMarketing: If you own or manage a business based in North Carolina or South Carolina, and would like to learn more about Foursquare and integrating this component into your overall comprehensive social media marketing program, visit and then call Cole WebMarketing at 704-456-WEB1 (9321) 

Jul 9, 2013

WATCH THIS! Adding Video to your Online Marketing Campaign Can Boost Your Website ROI

Probably the #1 & #2 questions we get from our clients (after their site by Cole WebMarketing has been up and running for a year or more) is... 

"What Can We Do To Add Some Sizzle To Our Website 
- and/or - 

What Can We Do To Attract More Visitors (and convert them into customers)?"  

Internet Marketing tactics have changed a lot since 1999 when we began to focus on building websites from a marketing perspective, and they continue to evolve frequently and often significantly. 

However, especially due to the huge jump of internet use via cellphones, tablets and other portable devices over the past few years, VIDEO has become our #1 answer to those questions (I'll share our #2 answer in another post soon).
Website Video Services by Cole WebMarketing - Charlotte, NC - Call 704.456.WEB1

Although having several clips, each one "single themed" (each tied to a specific product or service) is best, having even one short "intro/overview" on your website can ''add sizzle to your site'' and increase traffic to your site, improve the quality of that traffic AND increase conversion (turn website visitors into customers). 


survey says....
  • Today an estimated 89 million people in America
    are going to watch 1.2 billion web videos. *
  • Over the next 3 years, online video users
    are expected to double
    1.5 billion) ** 
  • Of all national U.S. brands, only about 1/4 of them are using web videos at this time (to market to customers) ***  

Website Video Services: Cole WebMarketing offers what we refer to as "nearly pro" website video services....meaning you invest a few hundred dollars compared to a few thousand for "pro".  We offer total turn-key Website Video Solutions: client consultation, industry research, videography, editing & production, plus also assist or handle the marketing, activity monitoring and overall management of your videos once online.

Video Clips by Cole WebMarketing range from basic to advanced; depending on the needs and budget of the client. We add original background music and often help develop custom scripts, provide in-house pro voiceover narration.

Multiple Platform Promotion: When completed, we'll embed the video(s) into your website. We can also upload them to your business Facebook page, your Google Places listing, create a custom YouTube Channel for the client & help manage the channel... plus explain many different methods of how to promote your videos, both online and offline (multiple videos can be put on CD's or DVD's or even SD cards, mass duplicated, and then snail mailed to prospects & customers, distributed at Trade Shows, handed out on sales calls, etc.).

WATCH THIS: Here's just one example of a ''basic'' VIDEO by Cole WebMarketing

If you'd like to learn more about the WEBSITE VIDEO SERVICES offered by Cole WebMarketing, please call us today at 704-456-WEB1 (9321).

Cole WebMarketing, a website design & development firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina, has been serving clients nationwide since 1999 - specialists in B2B Internet Marketing  Visit:

2013 Statistics - Stats Sources: * ComScore ** Cisco *** Kantar Media 

Jun 29, 2013

Sharing and/or Posting Online - Flow-Chart about "Where To Post What?"

Since this is a serious & professional business blog about Internet Marketing, rarely do we post content of this type. However, we all here love good harmless sarcasm, and this graphic was amusing enough in our offices to warrant a public share.  Hope you also find it funny!

Cole WebMarketing is a Charlotte, NC based web design, development and site management firm. We offer a wide array of internet marketing related services, and have been serving small-medium sized businesses nationwide, since 1999. 

Social Media Marketing Consulting is one of our main areas of expertise & specializtion.  We offer consultations by phone and in person, 1on1 and group presentations, to businesses and organizations.  Client support can be on a one time basis, from time to time (quarterly or annual review/recommendations) or on a monthly retainer basis.

To learn more about our services, please visit and then call us at 704-456-9321 to discuss your particular needs.

DISCLAIMER: We LOVE Google+, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter - no offense intended and this post clearly states that this is a piece of please don't sue us!

Apr 30, 2013

SEO UPDATE: The ''Exact Match Domains'' Update = Google Is Cracking Down On Low Quality EMD's

The head of Google web spam fighting team Matt Cutts announced on Twitter that Google will be rolling out a “small” algorithm change that will “reduce low-quality ‘exact-match’ domains” from showing up so highly in the search results.

Cutts said this will impact 0.6% of English-US queries to a noticeable degree. He added it is “unrelated to Panda/Penguin. Panda is a Google algorithm filter aimed at fighting low quality content; Penguin is one aimed at fighting web spam.

This should come as no surprise, as Cutts said a couple years ago that Google will be looking at why exact domain matches rank well when they shouldn’t, in some cases.

Likely over the coming days, you will see shifts in the search results where many sites that may rank well based on being an exact match domain may no longer rank as high in Google’s search results.

Exact match domains mean domains that match exactly for the search query. For example, if I sold green widgets and owned the domain name, that would be an exact match domain.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean sites with keywords they hope to rank for in their domain names are now doomed. Rather, the change aims to target low quality sites that might be riding on on the basis of exact matching.


Mar 25, 2013

New Domains Will Become Available MARCH 2013

Just think of the marketing and corporate branding opportunities here!  For think Apple might like to own the domain of iPhone.Apple?  

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is preparing to release the biggest change to the Internet address scheme since its initial introduction in the 1980s. Over a thousand new suffixes are being considered giving customers significantly more choices than *.com and *.net.
These top-level domains (TLDs) will offer more choices but create challenges to companies wanting to protect their brand. The initial TLDs that we are all familiar with were *.com and *.net. The next TLD release consisted of country-specific domains such as *.us and *.ca. To ease the demand for the *.com domain, *.biz and *.info were created, but didn’t catch on.
People chose domains such as over
Companies have been giving feedback on domains and are already to become registry operators for their own TLDs.
Company-specific domains such as *.ibm will likely be controlled by that corporation and highly restricted. Other more general domains such as *.food and *.car will be highly sought out by companies wanting a piece of the registry action.
The first domains are expected to be released in mid-2013. These will be the foreign language domains, giving ICANN time to prepare the more exhaustive list to release.
In a few weeks following the initial release, domains that had limited interest except by corporations and organizations will be released. These domains are most useful to individual entities and not the public at large. Domains such as *.ibm and *.toyota fall into this category.
Also in this category are geographic and location-based domains such as *.newyork and *.grandcanyon.
Another set of generic-sounding domains have few bids for registry. Domains such as *.vacation may find a following but didn’t receive much interest during the input period last year.
Also, generic-sounding domains have received much more attention and several bids for control. Domains such as *.app and *.tech are perceived to have a high value and many companies are seeking to become the registry of them.
Once the final decision is made as to who will control these domains, they will be released.
During 2012, almost 2,000 businesses and organizations gave input to ICANN with requests to control nearly 1,400 new domain names. The goal of this TLD release is to broaden the Internet addresses to reflect more intuitive domain names instead of the current creativity used to keep a *.com for a company.
Starting late March 2013, ICANN will give companies the chance to protect specific domains for a fee. These will typically be trademark holders such as Dell and Ford. The Trademark Clearinghouse will closely monitor who controls these domain names to prevent some of the chaotic domain purchasing and hoarding (cyber-quatting domains) seen in the 1980s.
Companies will be able to register the new suffixes before they are open to the public. After that deadline, the Trademark Clearinghouse will contact the company if someone else wishes to register the name. This system is only for notification and doesn’t control the actual registration. The company will then have to work with the person or company to sort it out.
For instance, if Ford Motor Company fails to register *.ford and another company seeks to register the domain, the Trademark Clearinghouse will notify Ford and put them in touch with the other company. It’s then up to the two entities to work out an agreement. It’s in the best interest of these companies to make sure they have the appropriate domains registered before the deadline.
One outstanding issue for ICANN is whether they will support common misspellings or trademarked words used within a longer domain name, such as *.fordtrucks. The release of new domain names could take time as these questions are resolved.
Domain names are representative of the company to which they are associated. ICANN received several foreign language requests to create domains in their native language instead of English. Companies in those countries felt that having the native language spelling enhances their Internet presence.
As domain names with multiple registry bidders are resolved down to a single registry by ICANN, they will be placed into the pool for release. They expect to hit a release rate of 20 domains a week once the momentum gets started. Where multiple bidders to control a domain can’t reach an agreement, ICANN plans to hold an auction for control of the domain.
Technical departments worldwide are beginning to get ready to support this influx of new domain names. While it gives companies more choices, like many large technical changes, the choices will likely come with some challenges.
Cole WebMarketing, a Charlotte, North Carolina website services company, has been an authorized reseller of Domain Names since 1999. Serving mainly small and medium sized businesses in the Greater Charlotte Metro Area, we often register one main "Primary Domain" ( and then also register one or more "Secondary Domains", most often geologically specific, and/or product/service specific, such as a domain like and/or
It's important to note that all domains Registered by Cole WebMarketing are registered in the name of the client company or company President and/or owner. YOU OWN the domains... we simply manage the Registration and Renewal Process, on behalf of our clients.   Be very concerned if your web company registers any domain for you in THEIR name.  That means the web company owns/controls the domain(s), and Over the years, we've heard more than a few "domains held hostage for ransom". (Google DROA or Domain Registry of America to get a glimpse of this nightmare!) 
For more information about about products and services, please visit and then call use at 704-456-WEB1 (9321) to discuss your particular needs and how we can help you improve and maintain your web presence.

NOTE: Credit forr much of this article goes to Steve Baik of

Email Scams: Have You "Spoofed"?

Ever get an email from a friend or coworker, etc. - someone you know, and the SUBJECT seems a little odd, and the BODY of the email looks strange too, but sometimes, (when the spammers are dumb actually this happens alot. 
People are afraid the got "hacked", meaning a bad guy somehow got their log-in credentials and 

what probably happened is what's called "spoofing". the spammers, the rich and sophisticated ones, can send bulk emails and make them appear to come from you. a quick way to check if hacked vs spoofed is check your SENT box. if you see the bad email there, it might not simply be spoofing.

more about spoofing here...

Jan 9, 2013

NO FLASH on my iPad! Not a problem - there is a simple solution:

Although "Apple Portables" (iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc.) are losing market share by the millions to Droid and other "open source" products (example - tablets: Apple had 84% in 2010, 63% in 2012 and projected to be less than 50% in two more years), Cole WebMarketing is often asked: how do I play Flash files, which are used on millions of websites?   There is a simple solution - perhaps the most common is to use a different browser, rather than the default Safari browser that comes with all Apple Portables.

ANSWER: the fact is Flash animations are very widely used, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future and many Apple users are justifiably irritated by its absence. Fortunately there are workarounds and one of the simplest is to use a browser called Puffin, free from the App Store.


ALTERNATIVES - PART 1 of 2: The iPad Flash battle has intensified due to the fact that Google's Chrome Browser will integrate Adobe Flash Player.

In what could be seen as a dig at Steve Jobs and the iPad, Google made a point of noting that Adobe Flash Player is “the most widely used web browser plug-in”, in its blog post announcing that Google Chrome will come with Flash built in. The first version of the Google Chrome browser with Flash Player is a developer build which is available now.

Google says the Chrome OS will feature Flash Player integration which means Google Chrome OS tablet devices will have one up on the iPad.

Google Chrome and Google Chrome OS will automatically receive the latest version of Flash Player meaning users will not have to remember to install plug-in updates themselves. Google Chrome will also extend the “sandbox” feature which separates individual processes to Flash content to strengthen security.

The reign of Flash as the dominant web video standard could be prolonged if Google Chrome OS tablets like the Asus tablets we heard about this morning take off.

Did you know that your iPad can actually play back Flash-based eLearning courses and presentations? Even though the native support of Flash is not provided on iPads and iPhones, there is more than one way to use either of the devices to share your Flash projects. Check out the workarounds below.

Flash Web Browser for iPad

The "Flash Friendly" browsers below are ranked according to their overall usability and functionality:

Puffin browser stands at the top of this group in terms of both usability and affordability. Available free of charge at AppStore, Puffin promptly handles Flash projects including audio, video, interactivity, and quizzes. All QuizMaker question categories are supported, including type-in and drag-and-drop questions. Drag-and-drop is performed with a two-finger tap on a touchpad emulator. The playback of large video and audio files can be rather slow. English is the only supported language for type-in questions.

Appsverse Photon
The Photon browser allows switching between Flash browsing mode and a faster non-Flash mode. This browser provides the smoothest video playback in the group. It also supports interactivity, and fairly supports quizzes and iSpring Kinetics interactions. Drag-and-drop is performed with a finger tap.

Despite smooth video playback, all interactions are performed quite slowly in the browser. Unless you are viewing a large Flash project, switching between two modes can be inconvenient. English is the only supported language for type-in questions as well.

This Flash web browser handles audio and video narrations and project's interactive items as well. It also has the drag-and-drop feature, performed with a finger tap. iSwifter offers a 10-minute free trial session for 7 days and then has to be purchased at AppStore for $4.99.

iSwifter's reaction to your actions is performed with lags. The browser often has issues and errors while displaying the web page. It also doesn't support non-English languages. The browser can only be used on iPads.

Cloud Browse
CloudBrowse has the familiar interface of a desktop browser. Browser's reaction to clicks is quite smooth. It also supports video, audio, interactivity and drag-and-drop. If you purchase the basic CloudBrowse app for $2.99, they provide a free 24-hour trial of their unlimited subscription.

CloudBrowse doesn't adapt a web page to fit the screen of your device. If the web page is too wide to fit the screen, you will have to move it to view the contents. Presentations are played with a low frame rate, which results in slower animations and video playback. Drag-and-drop is performed with a two-finger tap, which may be inconvenient for dragging small items. Small objects can be magnified, but is becomes impossible to drop them beyond the magnified area.

Remote Desktop
The remote desktop applications provide alternative approach to playing Flash on iPads. In this case, the support of Flash is ensured by your computer, which you remotely access from your iPad. This method is especially effective if you are making a live presentation using iPad, as it gives you the full control over your Flash project.

To access your computer's desktop from your iPad, you need to install TeamViewer on both devices. You can establish the connection between the devices and enjoy presenting with your iPad. Since your Flash project is played by the computer and not your iPad, all effects and functions of the Flash format are perfectly supported. As another advantage, TeamViewer software is available free of charge for non-commercial purposes.

The Remote Desktop presenting method involves access to your personal computer from an iPad. That's why it can only be used if you are presenting in person or share your project with someone you trust. It is neither convenient, nor safe to use TeamViewer for public delivery.

While none of these approaches provides the perfect support of Flash on iPad, getting your Flash presentation or course work on your iPad or iPhone is really possible. Which way of playing Flash on iPad is better - depends fully on your requirements. If you are giving a live presentation or showing your Flash project to a small number of people, you should probably go for the remote desktop delivery. In the case of making your content available publicly including viewing via iPad, you'd better choose one of the web-browsers. You can use this review to choose the most suitable Flash web browser for iPad, depending on the content you have.


Cole WebMarketing is a Charlotte, NC based corporation, has been helping small-medium sized businesses manage their web presence since 1999.  Primary services include: website design, website developement, website maintenance, social media marketing consulting, website photography, website video shoot & production, and other internet marketing related services. 
To learn more, visit and then call 704-456-WEB1 (9321).