Apr 30, 2012

Cole WebMarketing Upgrades Premium Website Hosting Package!

Charlotte, NC based Cole WebMarketing is excited to announce that, while keeping the prices the same, we are now providing DOUBLE the total storage space AND monthly bandwidth traffic allowance for our ''Premium Website Hosting Package'' clients. 
With this upgrade, many of our exisiting customers (and future customers!) will have a LOT more room to develop and expand their online presence! 

BETTER SERVICE - SAME COST: There is NO plan to increase our annual website hosting rates. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep our rates steady for all services provided, to all our customers. Since 1999, we've only had one website hosting rate increase, and that was for less than 5%.


Storage Space: 50GB
Monthly Traffic: 500GB

Storage Space: 100GB
Monthly Traffic: 1000GB (1 Terabyte)


MORE CONTENT: this gives us the ability for you to include and share more content with visitors to your website. This especially applies to PHOTOS and interactive content, such as VIDEO and/or audio clips, which are becoming an increasingly popular feature in modern websites.

BETTER BACK UPS: This upgrade also allows for improved/increased "backup" on our servers of your website content, as well as your emails that may be stored on our servers. We backup all client accounts at least once a year, more often for those clients whose websites are updated by Cole WebMarketing on a ''regular basis'' (a few times per year or more).

If you are an existing Cole WebMarketing customer, and have any questions or would like to discuss revising and/or adding additional content to your website, please call ColeWebMarketing at 704-456-9321.

We THANK all our current clients for your business in the past & present, and look forward to continuing to serve as your "Internet Marketing Department", long into the future!

If you are considering having your current old website "totally overhaulded" or need a new website designed & developed (and also hosted?), please visit ColeWebMarketing.com and then call 704-456-WEB1 today for a FREE consultation and quote!