Oct 10, 2012

2012 SEO Update: Did Google's ''Panda'' or ''Penguin'' Updates Hurt or Help Your Website?

Let me first start off with saying I LOVE GOOGLE!   They offer an amazing variety of very useful and FREE tools that make our lives better.  I use Google EVERY DAY, and love many of their products, especially their Blogs and Calendars.

However, The Spring 2012 Google Updates changed the rules for traditional (and effective) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics and strategies for ALL websitesm and a lot of people are asking themselves....."why do I always search using Google? (first)" 
On April 24, 2012 Google changed the way in which we know the SEO since launched a "spam update".  Called the "Penguin Update", it appears to be in some ways a modification of the previous "Panda Update".

THE GOOD NEWS: Many SEO experts feel that both updates to the Google algorithms were released to help eliminiate or at least reduce "Black Hat SEO Tactics" (cheating) and/or those site who follow unethical promotional tactics condemned by Quality Guidelines of  Google.   

THE BAD NEWS: These changes, in how Google analyzes and rates (ranks) websites, in a few minutes wiped out hours and hours of legitimate (White Hat SEO Tactics) search engine optimization work, invested over years, for many website managers.

Many people are complaining (loudly), especially over the past several months, that Google no longer supplies us with the "relevant results" that we've come to expect, and depend on, for years.

I, and billions of other internet users worldwide, have for years considered Google the BEST search engine on the web. It certainly has been, for the past several years, the most popular search engine in the world. However, perhaps the time has come now to look for alternatives?  If enough people turn away from Google and begin to rely on other major search engines, that may result in Google rethinking the Panda/Penquin updates.

Some other popular (and effective) search engines that
you may want to consider using include:

We suggest you first look at the FACTS....check your website analytics (your web stats)and compare Summer 2011 to Summer 2012). It may show a significant change in traffic to your website (calls to your company) and a hard hit to your financial bottom line.

If your website has seen a decrease in listings, a drop in "your rankings"....and a decrease in your online generated revenue stream there is still hope for recovery.

To learn more about how Cole WebMarketing can help your website recover and overcome the "SEO damage" done by the Penguin/Panda Google updates earlier this year, please call us at 704-503-WEB1 (9321) for a FREE consultation.

NOTE: Cole WebMarketing, is a Charlotte, NC based website design, development, management/maintenance and internet marketing company that has been helping small and medium sized businesses nationwide create and/or improve and manage their online presence.