Jul 9, 2013

WATCH THIS! Adding Video to your Online Marketing Campaign Can Boost Your Website ROI

Probably the #1 & #2 questions we get from our clients (after their site by Cole WebMarketing has been up and running for a year or more) is... 

"What Can We Do To Add Some Sizzle To Our Website 
- and/or - 

What Can We Do To Attract More Visitors (and convert them into customers)?"  

Internet Marketing tactics have changed a lot since 1999 when we began to focus on building websites from a marketing perspective, and they continue to evolve frequently and often significantly. 

However, especially due to the huge jump of internet use via cellphones, tablets and other portable devices over the past few years, VIDEO has become our #1 answer to those questions (I'll share our #2 answer in another post soon).
Website Video Services by Cole WebMarketing - Charlotte, NC - Call 704.456.WEB1

Although having several clips, each one "single themed" (each tied to a specific product or service) is best, having even one short "intro/overview" on your website can ''add sizzle to your site'' and increase traffic to your site, improve the quality of that traffic AND increase conversion (turn website visitors into customers). 


survey says....
  • Today an estimated 89 million people in America
    are going to watch 1.2 billion web videos. *
  • Over the next 3 years, online video users
    are expected to double
    1.5 billion) ** 
  • Of all national U.S. brands, only about 1/4 of them are using web videos at this time (to market to customers) ***  

Website Video Services: Cole WebMarketing offers what we refer to as "nearly pro" website video services....meaning you invest a few hundred dollars compared to a few thousand for "pro".  We offer total turn-key Website Video Solutions: client consultation, industry research, videography, editing & production, plus also assist or handle the marketing, activity monitoring and overall management of your videos once online.

Video Clips by Cole WebMarketing range from basic to advanced; depending on the needs and budget of the client. We add original background music and often help develop custom scripts, provide in-house pro voiceover narration.

Multiple Platform Promotion: When completed, we'll embed the video(s) into your website. We can also upload them to your business Facebook page, your Google Places listing, create a custom YouTube Channel for the client & help manage the channel... plus explain many different methods of how to promote your videos, both online and offline (multiple videos can be put on CD's or DVD's or even SD cards, mass duplicated, and then snail mailed to prospects & customers, distributed at Trade Shows, handed out on sales calls, etc.).

WATCH THIS: Here's just one example of a ''basic'' VIDEO by Cole WebMarketing
LINK > http://cleanrideexpress.com/about-us.html

If you'd like to learn more about the WEBSITE VIDEO SERVICES offered by Cole WebMarketing, please call us today at 704-456-WEB1 (9321).

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2013 Statistics - Stats Sources: * ComScore ** Cisco *** Kantar Media