Dec 21, 2015

South Carolina High Tech Textile Company Launched New Website!

Another new website was launched by Cole WebMarketing - for a high tech textile company in South Carolina called Southeast Nonwovens. Although the client is still tweaking/adding some content, they wanted their new and improved website up and running ASAP so the site went "live" today. (All Cole WebMarketing customers get FREE updates by us for the first 30 days after launch).
BEFORE & AFTER (click image for enlarged view)
Before and After "Total Website Overhaul" by Cole WebMarketing

This is the 3rd "Generation" of their website - the first version was launched in 2001 and the second replaced it in 2011. The new site reflects the layout, look and feel of modern professionally designed websites and provides users with the content, features and functionality that are expected as "standard" in a 2015 B2B website.
Link to site:
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