Jan 31, 2015

My Old Website: Do I Need Just a Facelift...or a Total Overhaul?

Sometimes an older website just needs some minor updating in order to give it a more modern look and feel.  

If the site navigation / content organization is still viewed as the best way to present your company and content, and the text and images within the site are current/accurate/up to date, perhaps a "total overhaul" isn't needed.

WEBSITE FACE LIFT: Changing up just the home page, or redoing the graphic(s) seen at the top of your site pages, adding a few new features to your site, starting or improving your overall web presence (blog, social media), etc. might be all that's needed. If your website is 90% good/great, then invest a few to several hundred dollars or so in a "website face lift" rather than investing a few to several thousand dollars or so in designing and developing an entirely new website/web presence.

WEBSITE OVERHAUL: On the other hand, if they site is more than 5-7 years old, much of the site content needs revising, the way the site is designed and developed needs improvement, and/or you're just really tired of the way your current site looks (especially if compared to those companies that consider you a competitor), then a total overhaul is probably warranted.

"Web years" are a bit like "dog years" - we're still building decks and sheds in our backyards much like it's been done for decades or centuries but... in the wild world of the web, internet technology changes and improves quickly and regularly.   A brand new website one year later can look and feel sometimes like it's seven years old, simply due to how fast things change regarding website design and development software, trends, site visitor expectations, etc.

So if you're thinking about updating your website, consider carefully if it just needs a bit of sprucing up, or if the better value and return on investment would be to tear the whole site down and start over from scratch.


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