Dec 21, 2015

South Carolina High Tech Textile Company Launched New Website!

Another new website was launched by Cole WebMarketing - for a high tech textile company in South Carolina called Southeast Nonwovens. Although the client is still tweaking/adding some content, they wanted their new and improved website up and running ASAP so the site went "live" today. (All Cole WebMarketing customers get FREE updates by us for the first 30 days after launch).
BEFORE & AFTER (click image for enlarged view)
Before and After "Total Website Overhaul" by Cole WebMarketing

This is the 3rd "Generation" of their website - the first version was launched in 2001 and the second replaced it in 2011. The new site reflects the layout, look and feel of modern professionally designed websites and provides users with the content, features and functionality that are expected as "standard" in a 2015 B2B website.
Link to site:
If you'd like to explore updating or completely overhauling YOUR website, please contact Charlotte, NC based Cole WebMarketing at 704-456-9321.

Nov 3, 2015

PDS Launches New & Much Improved Website

We're exited to announce the launch today of another custom website by Cole WebMarketing.

Piedmont Door Solutions (PDS) recently changed their company name and also greatly expanded their operations.  In the process of rebranding the company, they knew that their 11 year old website looked very "old school" and was in dire need of a TOTAL overhaul. Needed was a fresh new design, a new layout look & feel, better graphics, improved site organization, enhanced functionality, better content (text AND photographs) and more.

They contracted with local Cole WebMarketing for this important project.  The new site is ''mobile device friendly'' and features a number of modern features found in many high-end websites. Noteworthy is that the Project Duration was less than 10 weeks and the total investment was less than $3000.

Click the  "before & after" screenshot thumbnail image below and then visit the new website:

Before and After "Total Website Overhaul" by Cole WebMarketing

If you're thinking about giving your website a "facelift" or a "complete makeover", call Cole WebMarketing at 704-456-9321 to discuss your needs and how we may be able to help. The 4th Quarter is always busy but projects contracted prior to November 15, 2015 may be able to be completed before the end of the year (2015).

Since 1999, Charlotte, North Carolina based Cole WebMarketing has been providing custom and very affordable website design/development and other related services to customers throughout the United States.  Specialists in the B2B marketplace, especially in the technical/industrial sector.

Jul 31, 2015

Should you try the EDGE, Microsoft's new Web Browser?

With the release this week of the new operating system by Microsoft, called "Windows 10", the world can also now experience their new browser called EDGE.

It's being promoted as a totally new browser, and by dropping the IE (Internet Explorer) name, Microsoft is making an obvious attempt to try to lure millions of users back that they've lost over the past several years, mainly to Google's CHROME browser.

So far in 2015, although there is conflicting research data/results showing up online, IE still holds the top spot for worldwide browser popularity - according to NetMarketShare data - IE is showing at 27%, Chrome at 17%, Firefox at 9%, Safari at 3%, with a bunch of other minor players in the game making up the rest of the total percentage (17%).

What has Edge got going for it?  Why should you try it?  Here's a few reasons:

SPEED: Edge is supposed to be FAST - some studies are stating that it's almost twice as fast as the current industry leader Chrome.

However, I'm not seeing super fast...I'm seeing super slow (at this time).  However, we just upgraded our office operating systems to the new Windows 10.  Perhaps (I'm hoping!) some tweaking needs to be done to settings/configuration, but at this moment my entire computer seems to be running slow - significant lag time between mouse click to select and action taking place - software starting, new tab opening, etc.  Note that comments about the new Microsoft operating system (Windows 10) will be the focus of a separate upcoming blog post.

So back to Edge...

SAFETY: IE has been the primary focus of hackers and other bad guys, due to it being the most popular browser for many years. Edge was created to stand alone, separate from the rest of your PC - sorta like having a moat around your castle.  The SmartScreen filter, the came out as part of IE8 continues to provide additional protection.

SIMPLICITY: There is a lot to customize under the hood, but the surface is very clean and uncluttered.  The default initial display is "google-ish" or "apple-ish" - the browser screen simply asks "Where To Next?", with a search box to type in a website address or search engine query.

There are several other reasons that might make you consider using Edge as your default or secondary browser (and a few reasons you might not like it - such as no support for certain 3rd party extensions such as "password managers") but these are just a few GOOD reasons that I think make it worth checking out.

Apr 29, 2015

Top 4 Reasons You Need To Have A Mobile Website... Now

It's a fact that more and more internet users are accessing the web via a mobile device - cell phone, an iPad or other tablet type computer, etc.  

Is your website "mobile friendly" as they say in the website development biz?  If yes, how mobile friendly is it?  The answers to these two important questions should be known by every website owner.

WHY do you need a "mobile friendly" website or a completely separate "mobile version" of your standard desktop website?

Before we move on - let's be clear on the definition of each and the difference between them. Mobile Friendly means your standard desktop website looks and functions OK when accessed by a mobile device - Mobile Version means a separate website, designed and developed specifically for use by phones/tablets.  Usually the desktop website will include a "media query script" in the HTML code that will instantly identify what type/size device is accessing the site and automatically serve up either the desktop version OR the mobile version depending on what the visitor is using to visit your site.

My TOP 4 REASONS include:

1) PEOPLE SEARCH USING THEIR PHONES: Web usage patterns are changing rapidly and changing significantly. More and more people are using mobile devices to check out businesses on the web - recent research indicates that at least 25% of of the total web searches worldwide are done on a mobile device - mobile traffic to websites is UP 3x from just a few years ago! Also, mobile users tend to want different information from a website than the typical desktop PC user.  for example, they want information in small pieces - bullet points, a simple list of products/services provided, and quick contact information (phone, email, address, driving directions).  Website content that might look/work great on your desktop site might not be readable when viewed using a smart phone.

2) BETTER VISITOR-TO-CUSTOMER CONVERSIONS: many times when a desktop website is viewed using a mobile device, links are difficult to click on, important information is buried deep within the website, and advanced features such as Flash video clips (or worse, Flash based site navigation links) either don't display well or don't show up at all. It's critical that your website functions/displays well on a mobile device, otherwise many first time visitors will simply hit their back button and move on to the next company on the list (your competition!). Offering a mobile version of your website can significantly reduce your "bounce rate" (quick or instant departure after arrival).  The true essence today of effective website design and development is no longer focused on a cool look and good features/functionality - it's all about providing the best "user experience".

3) PEOPLE LOVE OPTIONS: many visitors to your website using a mobile device may prefer a mobile version, but others would rather check you out via your desktop version, so...always give them a choice - let the visitor decide which version they want to use by always including a "view desktop website" link on your mobile version.  Most mobile browsers and smart phones allow users to zoom in/out to better view content, but some don't, so making a mobile version of your site rather than trying to make your desktop site mobile friendly is the best way to go.

4) MOBILE WEBSITES WORK!: a mobile version of your website doesn't have to be an exact duplication of your desktop site. In fact, it most often shouldn't be the same - a quick overview of your company, products/services plus your contact information often will be all that's needed.  However, your mobile site should load quickly (less than 3 seconds), have text that's easy to read (large), be easy to navigate (basic/simple content organization), and make it impossible for the visitor to not instantly know how to get in touch with your company.

There are MANY other solid reasons to make sure that you have a mobile friendly or mobile version of your website for your business or organization, but these are just a few of the main reasons.

For more information about mobile website development, please call Cole WebMarketing at 704-456-9321 for a free website consultation.

Mar 31, 2015

When Does a Website Upgrade Result in a "Downgrade"?

 Original Website
A business website should always be thought of as a process, not a project.

For SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reasons and to best benefit the human visitor/prospect (future customer!), it's imperative to keep ALL content on your website relevant and up to date.

The updates might not be weekly or even monthly, but at least once or twice a year it's a good idea to revise and/or add content (images, text, new features, etc).

NOTE: Click Images for Enlarged View

Cole WebMarketing Website

On the left is an example of a professional website overhaul by Cole WebMarketing.
However, sometimes a website "upgrade" can actually result in a "downgrade".  

New Site - DIY by Customer
Many of us have seen this happen, and it happens for various different reasons.

Sometimes a new marketing or other manager comes on board with a company and is not as skilled as his or her predecessor in the ways of the web and related matters (graphic design, virtual visual merchandising, SEO, website statistics and analysis, etc.) and the new site turns out to be not as good as the old site.

Another reason for a worse new site is an internal connection - somebody knows somebody that knows a "web guy".  Everybody these days it seems knows someone who can design, build and manage websites, but many times these self proclaimed web gurus aren't actually experienced website professionals, but rather wannabes.

Some primary examples of a Website Downgrade include: (not in order of importance)

  1. Reduced Visual Appeal - without a good solid design, a website can lack a professional "layout, look and feel" - logical placement of images, proper image selection (relevant to text on page), 
  2. New SIte - DIY by Customer
  3. and careful arrangement of all parts of a page are important (avoid "text boxes" that overlap background "placeholders".
  4. Excessive Use of Widgets, Add-Ons, Buttons, Etc. - just because you can add a feature to a page or website doesn't mean you should - avoid a site that is too "busy" - visitors prefer clean and simple for most websites (photography website, rock band, night club might be a few exceptions where more bells and whistles may be more acceptable)
  5. Unprofessional Graphics/Images - poor quality graphics, the use of "clip art", animated GIF's and/or outdated navigation "buttons", poor quality photographs, backgrounds, etc. can give even a well thought out and developed website an amateurish appearance
  6. New SIte - DIY by Customer

  7. Poor Font Selection - using more than a few different fonts and/or using super cool/cute fonts is to be avoided and it's critical to keep all text font colors the same, except for active hyperlinks. In addition, select one main font for most all text on you site - using several font styles just increases the amateur look & feel of a website.
  8. Excessive Use of Different Colors - pick a nice color scheme and build your site around it - unless you're targeting children, using more than a few colors on your site is usually not a good idea.  Also, unless your intent and need is to "dazzle the visitor", avoid harsh colors and color combinations - such as bright green or yellow & black
  9. De-Optimization: when overhauling a website, it's important to keep in place those components that helped get the website to rank high on Google and other search engine results pages.  Use of target keywords and keyphrases, proper placement of those keywords and a good keyword ratio is important to maximizing a site's listings across the web and also to getting to and staying on page 1 or 2 when past, present or future customers search for your company by the products you make/sell or the services you provide.
  10. Mobile Friendly - since many people first view a website on their smartphone or small tablet, it's critical that a website be "mobile friendly" - appear and function well on a variety of different platforms (and browsers).  Comprehensive testing is not an option - it must be done to make sure a website renders appropriately on any device.

THE PROBLEM WITH COOKIE-CUTTER SITES: Many sites these days are created with Wordpress, which was software originally created for use in creating web logs (blogs).  Most Wordpress sites have a very similar layout, look and feel and tend to appear "blogish".

In addition, all of the "free website builder" tools available from companies you see/hear advertised on TV and radio are all "template based", which results in more and more websites looking very much the same.

THE BENEFIT OF CUSTOM SITES: A professional website designer/developer can, and usually will, create a website "from scratch" and therefore YOU have complete control over layout, placement, arrangement, appearance, look & feel, etc.

A company website must serve as an asset; not a liability. The site should reflect the high caliber and professionalism of the business, especially since a website is often the first impression a prospective new customer gets about your business.

So, before you decide to overhaul your website and have it done by "your neighbors nephew for $200 and a case a beer" or using one of the "free" online website builders, consider first contacting a professional website design/development company for an initial consultation.  The money you spend upfront could result in a huge return on investment in the long run, rather than going the super cheap $49.95 a month route for the rest of you life -- for a site that might never make it into the Top 10 on Google or might never make your phone ring/make you money.

For a FREE initial website consultation, please call
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NOTE: All images on RIGHT SIDE do NOT reflect the work of Cole WebMarketing - only the one image on the LEFT SIDE does.

Jan 31, 2015

My Old Website: Do I Need Just a Facelift...or a Total Overhaul?

Sometimes an older website just needs some minor updating in order to give it a more modern look and feel.  

If the site navigation / content organization is still viewed as the best way to present your company and content, and the text and images within the site are current/accurate/up to date, perhaps a "total overhaul" isn't needed.

WEBSITE FACE LIFT: Changing up just the home page, or redoing the graphic(s) seen at the top of your site pages, adding a few new features to your site, starting or improving your overall web presence (blog, social media), etc. might be all that's needed. If your website is 90% good/great, then invest a few to several hundred dollars or so in a "website face lift" rather than investing a few to several thousand dollars or so in designing and developing an entirely new website/web presence.

WEBSITE OVERHAUL: On the other hand, if they site is more than 5-7 years old, much of the site content needs revising, the way the site is designed and developed needs improvement, and/or you're just really tired of the way your current site looks (especially if compared to those companies that consider you a competitor), then a total overhaul is probably warranted.

"Web years" are a bit like "dog years" - we're still building decks and sheds in our backyards much like it's been done for decades or centuries but... in the wild world of the web, internet technology changes and improves quickly and regularly.   A brand new website one year later can look and feel sometimes like it's seven years old, simply due to how fast things change regarding website design and development software, trends, site visitor expectations, etc.

So if you're thinking about updating your website, consider carefully if it just needs a bit of sprucing up, or if the better value and return on investment would be to tear the whole site down and start over from scratch.


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