Sep 28, 2011

The 5 Things Every Business Blog Post Should Have:

Business Blogs are a great communication tool that can help you attract new customers, retain current customers and regain previous customers. However, in order to make your blog make you (the most) money, there are 5 "must do" things you should do in every blog post, according to Charlotte, NC based website design/development/internet marketing firm Cole WebMarketing.

1) TITLE: make it attention grabbing - clear and concise, and directly relevant to the specific subject matter of the post
2) KEYWORD RICH: constantly think "keyword rich text" when writing (example: music lessons, charlotte music lessons, etc. rather than just "lessons" - use company name rather that we)
3) SINGLE THEME: keep your blog comment "single themed" - if you find yourself "switching subjects" in a single blog post, cut & paste "topic #2" into a new & separate post
4) SHORT: seems everybody is busy and/or distracted easily, so less is better. Keep blog posts short - a few paragraphs at most. If you find yourself writing a book, divide the post into "chapters", as in "continued in part 2 of 5"
5) LABEL WELL: use the tags/labels feature always and properly - this is what makes your blog easily searchable and that helps readers' searches deliver relevant content. It also helps your blog be more easily found after general search engine queries.
Most "website packages" by Cole WebMarketing include the option for Business Blog - includes setup, customization, initial training.  Your blog can also be integrated into your website if you don't want visitors to leave your site in order to read your blog.  To learn more about business blogging, call Charlotte, NC based Cole WebMarketing at 704-503-7069 or visit our website -