Apr 29, 2015

Top 4 Reasons You Need To Have A Mobile Website... Now

It's a fact that more and more internet users are accessing the web via a mobile device - cell phone, an iPad or other tablet type computer, etc.  

Is your website "mobile friendly" as they say in the website development biz?  If yes, how mobile friendly is it?  The answers to these two important questions should be known by every website owner.

WHY do you need a "mobile friendly" website or a completely separate "mobile version" of your standard desktop website?

Before we move on - let's be clear on the definition of each and the difference between them. Mobile Friendly means your standard desktop website looks and functions OK when accessed by a mobile device - Mobile Version means a separate website, designed and developed specifically for use by phones/tablets.  Usually the desktop website will include a "media query script" in the HTML code that will instantly identify what type/size device is accessing the site and automatically serve up either the desktop version OR the mobile version depending on what the visitor is using to visit your site.

My TOP 4 REASONS include:

1) PEOPLE SEARCH USING THEIR PHONES: Web usage patterns are changing rapidly and changing significantly. More and more people are using mobile devices to check out businesses on the web - recent research indicates that at least 25% of of the total web searches worldwide are done on a mobile device - mobile traffic to websites is UP 3x from just a few years ago! Also, mobile users tend to want different information from a website than the typical desktop PC user.  for example, they want information in small pieces - bullet points, a simple list of products/services provided, and quick contact information (phone, email, address, driving directions).  Website content that might look/work great on your desktop site might not be readable when viewed using a smart phone.

2) BETTER VISITOR-TO-CUSTOMER CONVERSIONS: many times when a desktop website is viewed using a mobile device, links are difficult to click on, important information is buried deep within the website, and advanced features such as Flash video clips (or worse, Flash based site navigation links) either don't display well or don't show up at all. It's critical that your website functions/displays well on a mobile device, otherwise many first time visitors will simply hit their back button and move on to the next company on the list (your competition!). Offering a mobile version of your website can significantly reduce your "bounce rate" (quick or instant departure after arrival).  The true essence today of effective website design and development is no longer focused on a cool look and good features/functionality - it's all about providing the best "user experience".

3) PEOPLE LOVE OPTIONS: many visitors to your website using a mobile device may prefer a mobile version, but others would rather check you out via your desktop version, so...always give them a choice - let the visitor decide which version they want to use by always including a "view desktop website" link on your mobile version.  Most mobile browsers and smart phones allow users to zoom in/out to better view content, but some don't, so making a mobile version of your site rather than trying to make your desktop site mobile friendly is the best way to go.

4) MOBILE WEBSITES WORK!: a mobile version of your website doesn't have to be an exact duplication of your desktop site. In fact, it most often shouldn't be the same - a quick overview of your company, products/services plus your contact information often will be all that's needed.  However, your mobile site should load quickly (less than 3 seconds), have text that's easy to read (large), be easy to navigate (basic/simple content organization), and make it impossible for the visitor to not instantly know how to get in touch with your company.

There are MANY other solid reasons to make sure that you have a mobile friendly or mobile version of your website for your business or organization, but these are just a few of the main reasons.

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