Oct 5, 2011

The REAL Truth About ''Search Engine Registration/Domain Submission Services''

If you have Registered a Domain, you've probably received a few (or many!) emails that start off or contain "doomsday warnings" such as "Registration Expiration Notice: ...inform you that it's time to _________ and failure to act may result in the cancellation of ________ making it difficult for your customers to locate you...on the web". 
Our 1st response is usually fear/concern - Legit? Spam? Scam? Our 2nd response should be suspicion - "money for nothing?"

IMPORTANT: Don't Miss the "Three Things You Should Know About Search Engines"
at the bottom of this Blog Post.

Recently a Cole WebMarketing client, based in Charlotte, NC forwarded an email to me asking for review and feedback.  The email came from @sellstones.com (Beijing, China registered domain), and was asking for $75 per year for "search engine registration/domain submission" services. It's a good practice to NEVER click on any link in any email you suspect might be spam or a scam, so I didn't click on the link. Most scams contain "fine print" and if the online order process is completed, the buyer (victim) often unknowingly agrees (in writing) to terms & conditions... that are almost always a good idea for the bad guy (seller) and a bad idea for the good guy (buyer).

Here's a screenshot of the actual email:

Three Things You Should Know About Search Engines:
  1. Search Engine Registration/Domain Submission: although this type of service will often speed up the process of getting a brand new website ''into the system'', it is NOT required in order for inclusion into search engines.  Although Domain Registrations need to be renewed annually (or every 2,5, or 10 years), Search Engine "Registrations" for major search engines don't actually exist; therefore they can never expire!   
  2. Search Engine Registration/Domain Submission: Search Engine Registration/Domain Submission is included at no extra charge (FREE) with all Cole WebMarketing website packages. As soon as a new website by Cole WebMarketing is "launched" (HTML Meta Tags revised to request/allow search engines to crawl/index pages), we submit your domain to the major search engines. Once your site is crawled and indexed by the "BIG 3" (Google, Yahoo, & Bing), dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of "minor" search engines will soon find your new website.
  3. Overview on How Websites "Get Into" the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages): GoogleBot, Slurp, and the other major search engine "spider robots" will  eventually find ALL public (and some private!) websites on the web, all on their own. Once they do, they'll check to see if the domain/website is listed in their "index" (files). If not, they'll usually schedule an "in-depth crawl" (visit each page of a website). Once crawled, they can "file" your pages in their index. Once filed, when a person searches for a company or particular product/service or keyword phrase, the search engine will serve up in the SERPs, what it thinks are the most relevant pages/websites based on the user query. With sophisticated automated search engines, such as Google; the more specific the query, the better the (search engine) results.
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