Dec 31, 2013

VIDEO FOR WEBSITES: What Are "InfoTainment" Video Clips and Why Should I care?

InfoTainment = informational + entertaining

Yup, I'll admit it - have a flashlight fetish. Just ask my wife...I own a LOT of Flashlights and some of my favorites are NEBO Flashlights.  I love 'em.  Super bright, high quality, lightweight and affordable (for the average guy like me).  This past weekend, I bought another (The Larry Pocket Work Light) at a Mast General Store (awesome stores in the Smokey Mountain area!).  I wanted to learn more about my new NEBO light and also needed to identify another that I own. 

I Googled "nebo tactical light". Side Note: putting your search query inside quotes tells a search engine you want all words together to show up in the results page...not a page for tactical and another one for light, etc.). 

In the TOP 10 -- on Page 1 Google's SERP (search engine results page) I found a link to the BEBO Tools website.  One click on Innovative Lighting, and I was immediately presented with this GREAT example of an InfoTainment Video.  

YES, there is the typical website page content we all expect (descriptive text, photos, specs, features, etc.) but there is also.... this excellent video. 

This website video follows many of the "best practices" regarding infotainment video, such as:
  • short in duration (under 4 minutes)
  • starts off with company name/logo
  • plain simple flat finish neutral backdrop
  • quick intro to product
  • humorous - it's a B2C (Business to Consumer) so a higher level of funny is more appropriate than for a B2B vide
  • within 35 seconds it gets into features
  • video focuses on the BENEFITS of the features, not just the features themselves
  • highlights what makes it different and better than similar products
  • voice - clear narration not buried in the audio mix
  • background - instrumental, either original or uncommon, and lively/uptempo/happy but not distracting
  • ends with a cal to action - go to our website to learn more, order, etc.

NEBO also put this vid clip on the NEBO YouTube Channel. Side Note: every company should have their own YouTube Channel! Check it's a LINK:

Many websites feature long and or boring videos. It was common in the past to put videos online of the company president talking about how great their company is and....blah blah yada yada.  Nobody cares about you or your company until they get answers to what EVERY 1st TIME WEBSITE VISITOR NEEDS! Those questions are: does this website provide the information/products/services I need AND what do I click on the find it fast. I encourage all website owners to begin the process now of replacing their outdated comprehensive "about us" video with InfoTainment videos - or at least multiple single-themed product/services video clips.

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