Jun 7, 2010

Keyword/Keyphrase: Increase the Quantity AND Quality of Prospects to Your Business Blog

Keywords/Keyphases ~ A business blog can be a great way to help attract and funnel qualified prospects to your website. Here is a BIG tip to make your business blog "Super Search Engine Friendly" and help you increase both the quantity AND quality of traffic to your blog (and your website).

  • Repetition For Emphasis - Increase Your Keyword Density: Carefully select a few keywords or keyphrases that clearly AND concisely describe your blog post topic and subject. Don't overload your post with keywords and keyphrases, but repeat yourself (a few or several times, depending on the total word count of the business blog post) to increase your "keyword density ratio." GoogleBot, the search engine robot for Google, will often consider the first few words at the most important words, so "front loading" your business blog post with your target keyphrases is important. The search engine robots MSNbot (Live) and Slurp (Yahoo!) also will pay special attention to the first words/first paragraph. MSNbot will also focus on the last words/last paragraph to help determine the main subject of a web page.

Keep this powerful SEO concept/tactic (keyword selection, placement & frequency) in mind when writing your next business blog and you'll significantly improve your chances of targeting and hitting bigger and better customers!

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