Jan 26, 2018

Brand New Year = New Website Software!

Cole WebMarketing is thrilled to announce that we have recently switched to using different website design/development software that allows us to now deliver truly "responsive" websites to our all our customers.
Since 1999 we used the Dreamweaver software platform (developed by Macromedia in 1997 and bought by Adobe in 2005), which until the past few years was the "go-to" program for professional developers to create and manage websites. However, during 4th Quarter 2017, we began transitioning over to a different (and far better!) software. We quickly began to understand and appreciate why this new PHP file based "live server run" software became the new "industry standard" and why it's now the #1 website development and maintenance software platform - worldwide!

Effective JANUARY 2018, all sites by Cole WebMarketing will now be able to include the following FRONT-END and BACK-END features (and benefits to our clients):

  • DATABASE DRIVEN = by utilizing MySQL, every web page will be rendered automatically to display/function best on the specific device used by the site visitor.  Our websites will no longer be simply "mobile friendly", they will instantly format to whatever monitor is being used to view the page - HUGE (big screen TV), LARGE (desktop PC or notebook/laptop), MEDIUM (tablet) and SMALL (cell phone) to deliver the best user experience possible. (see screenshots above for example)
  • BUILT IN CMS (Content Management System):
(this post still "under construction".....please check back again soon for more details)

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